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Master System ROMs (Assembly set)

This repo contains multiple software projects for the SEGA Master System. Most of them are tool ROMs or Testing ROMs.

This package contains the pure ASM ROMs. More ROMs available on the regular ROM repository.


├── /echo             ;Serial port echo test ROM
├── /include          ;Common assembler includes
├── /noramboot        ;Zero RAM usage Bootloader
├── /nyan             ;A sample ROM for N0RAMboot V1.2 (or above) using VRAM preload
├── /scripts          ;Helper scripts (python 3)
├── /selfboot         ;Make bootloader ROMs usable on regular cartridges
├── /smspte           ;SMPTE color bars
└──         ;This file ;)


Unless noted otherwise, source code is licensed under the MIT license. See COPYING for the full text of the license.