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EGX-CNC is a g-code to cammgl recompiler, originally targetted at PCB milling projects on the Roland EGX-30 desktop engraver.

What is EGX-CNC compsed of?

  • egxmake

A g-code to cammgl recompiler. Provides g-code capabilities to cammgl mills.

  • egxdrill

Creates g-code drill plots grom gerber drill files.

  • egxinfo

Shows information from cammgl (.egx) files.

  • egxmill

Sends a milling job to a parallel-port connected mill (Roland EGX-30)

  • egxpack

Conveniently archives multiple cammgl (.egx) files

System requierements

  • A recent linux distribution
  • Python 3

Gerber support also requires:

  • pcb2gcode

Milling on cammgl devices also requires:

  • A configured mill using lp/lpr or
  • A parallel port connected mill